We transform with the help of three specialties

Digital transformation affects various parts of the company. Too much attention on one part will lead to a shortage of attention on the other part. For this reason, we choose a holistic approach looking at the big picture. The components of a digital transformation are all interrelated, and it is the cooperation that ensures the success of a digital transformation.

We help with the transition to agile working to effectively meet rapidly changing customer needs. With a strong centralized transformation program, you can achieve effective change for the entire company, at all levels. On the one hand, we look at the production process of teams and implement it in an agile way. On the other hand, we work with the customer to make the specific fields grow properly.

Agile working at all levels requires focused agile governance, and a framework that ensures that overall progress is transparent across teams. That framework includes the OKR process, an Obeya approach and attention to culture and behavior.

We don't believe in delivering PowerPoint presentations. We believe in delivering products. We do this by organizing interactive work sessions and developing new products based on customer insights. Developing new products takes time and we have the right people for that. In this way, an idea does not remain a wish, but an idea actually becomes a product.

Depending on the situation, we use dedicated products such as a BrandLab, Design Sprint or Marketing Strategy to develop digital products. We always do this together with the customer.

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