7 digital skills

With the arrival and further development of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, it will only become more important for organizations in the coming years to digitally develop personnel. But which digital skills should staff have in 2021?

Digital skills, also known as e-skills, are skills that make it possible to solve problems using technical tools. A distinction is made between three types of skills:

Baseline digital skills = skills everyone needs, to participate in an increasingly digital world. Think of skills that are necessary to be able to use available technology and software

Workforce digital skills = profession-specific skills with a digital character: being able to work with a spreadsheet, entering data into systems, and using CRM software

Professional digital skills = skills you need for digital professions. Think of programming, interpreting (big) data and positioning a brand / organization online

We have listed the 7 most important digital skills:

  • Creative thinking

Because more and more tasks of employees are being digitized, it is even more important to be able to do what a machine cannot (yet) do: think creatively.

  • Computational Thinking

(Re)formulating a problem so that it is possible to solve it with computer technology

  • Data analysis

Understanding and leveraging big data is critical to the future success of businesses. employees who can retrieve, analyze and translate data into useful information are therefore essential

  • Advanced social selling

The focus is shifting from cold calling and hard sales to customer value sales. This requires valuable content that exactly meets the needs of the customer. Content creation is therefore also essential for the sales teams of the future

  • Knowledge of mobile technology

With a generation full of digital natives on the way, you as a company cannot afford to be left behind digitally. It is therefore important to teach staff the right skills to develop mobile apps, for example

  • UX design

To make websites/apps so user-friendly, it is important that employees have the right UX design skills

  • Cyber ​​security

Cybersecurity is the biggest digital challenge for organizations today. Ensuring that data is safe and secure is therefore top priority


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