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We have worked with Naïf to grow their digital sales channels


Building an online sales presence

Realizing that the e-commerce market continues to grow, and that  ownership over digital selling channels has become increasingly important, Naïf reached out to  Imagine Digital in order to co-develop a strategy on how to accelerate their digital sales and to increase their online presence. 



Naïf is a natural skincare brand for babies, kids and adults.


To fully grasp the opportunities and benefits of co-development, we established a joint Naïf - Imagine Digital team and worked side by side. Our Imagine team implemented a strategic plan with a loyal customer first approach.
By using our best-practise digital acceleration roadmap, the team implemented the build blocks by using an agile sprint planning process. Together with the Naïf team we built, optimized and accelerated a minimum viable product of Naïfs own digital direct sales channel and its associated systems (e.g. CRM systems, loyalty programs).
In addition, we transferred knowledge to the Naïf team by means of working on the ground and dedicated bi-weekly strategy meetings. Besides focusing on digital sales, the Naïf team realised the importance of digital talent attraction, which was therefore also supported and guided by Imagine Digital.



Our customer loyalty first approach delivered results exceeding expectations. After launching the Naïf digital sales channel and introducing Naïf to new digital channels, revenues increased significantly by +400%. In addition to digital sales growth, the Imagine team supported the Naïf team in expanding their team by guiding on the quest for the right capabilities. All in all, together with the Naïf team we kick-started, scaled and sustained their online business.


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